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What we do:


OneYouth fosters intangible heritage’s discovery from a dialogical, experiential, and transformative perspective, celebrating the richness of diversity and creating conditions for encounter and exchange of culturally different practices.


Why we do it:


More than a static legacy to be protected, Intangible Cultural Heritage represents the living culture of human communities, constantly developing. OneYouth encourages young generation to discover and re-interpret identities through experience and interaction, to build shared intercultural approaches and solution for the world’s challenges.


How we do it:





Through discovery-based and experiential learning, cultural heritage is interpreted and perspectives change.

OneYouth encourgages young generation to rediscover and reshape intangible cultural heritage, building a sustainable future where diversity is celebrated and culture is promoted.





To construct alternative and shared social narratives, a multi-directional exchange process is needed. Intercultural exchange and sense making, can lead to the demystification of prejudices and the aware appreciation of the richness of diversity.






Experiential re-discovery of one’s own culture(s) and intercultural encounters bring about new perspectives, therefore innovative shared solution for the world’s challenges.

Who we are




Who we are:


Filomena Maria Fittipaldi - coordinator

Giacomo Gentile - fundraising officer

Emanuele Lapadula - art director

Dea Hrelja

Giulia Tarozzi


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