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Intercultural heritage for innovation

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celebrating diversity, encounter and re-negotiation

Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) constitued by all immaterial manifestations of culture, represents the variety of living heritage of humanity and the most important vehicle for cultural diversity.


Intangible heritage is constantly changing, recreated, re-interpreted, re-negotiated in response to historical and social evolution of communities. OneYouth focuses on ICH as an intercultural, dynamic process. To know more about the importance of ICH and its role in the promotion of an evolving participatory culture, consult our list of resources.




When hosting becomes traveling:

the story of Federica


We kick off our blog with a story of travels, departures, returns, bonds and choices. It is the story of Federica, who shares with us her experience living among the Apulian olive trees, in the south of Italy, where she “travels” through encounters and chats under the sun, hosting bicycle travellers from all over the world.


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